Organizational success begins with well-functioning teams.

That’s why we are dedicated to a holistic and comprehensive team development that focuses on the people who make up your organization.

By fostering trust, empathy, and core understandings within your teams, you can build a solid foundation for a workplace atmosphere in which employees feel safe and valued. This not only boosts collaboration and productivity but also promotes employee happiness and long-term loyalty to their organizations.

All our unique certified development programs, games, and training workshops are lively and engaging, with a focus on support for workplace challenges to empower teams to thrive in a collaborative environment and unlock their full potential.

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Reinier has been a driving force behind transformative team building and training programs in Southeast Asia since 2002, partnering with some of the world’s leading companies. In 2012, he founded his own company, dedicated to crafting innovative, engaging, and fun team building experiences that leave a lasting impact.

His passion for team dynamics and high-performing teams led him to become a Game Changer (GCindex) and a Team Psychological Safety accredited facilitator. He also completed the World Institute of Action Learning (WIAL) foundations course, further deepening his expertise in creating cohesive and effective teams.

In recent years, Reinier has honed his focus on team workshops and meaningful retreats. This dedication gave rise to the Trusting Teams program, which has since become renowned for its effectiveness and impact. Reinier’s extensive experience—spanning over 300 team building and training programs—is distilled into his book, “How To Teamwork,” a guide on fostering strong team cultures.

Reinier’s mission is clear: to enhance organizational health by cultivating robust team cultures. His programs not only inspire and engage but also drive long-term growth and success for companies committed to building stronger, more cohesive teams.

Todd B. Peyton is a licensed professional counselor from the United States with over twenty years of counseling experience.  He has worked in a variety of settings including schools, residential treatment centers, employee assistance programs, intervening in front-line critical incidence, and eight years as a therapist with the US military at bases overseas.  Todd has consulted with both civilian and military leadership teams.

As a practicing psychotherapist specializing in trauma recovery and emotional grounding, Todd is an experienced meditator having studied Vipassana meditation at monastic retreat centers in Thailand and Myanmar.  Todd is also a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor teaching classes in mind/body integration and breathing techniques directly impacting and stabilizing underlying emotional patterns. 

As a leadership team development facilitator, Todd draws upon his professional and meditation experience to guide groups into deeper levels of process and effective communication while aintaining focus on fulfilling the organization’s mission.

With nearly two decades of media relations experience, Wani has established herself as an expert in internal and external communications. Her career in Singapore—a competitive and sophisticated market—has honed her skills and expertise.

Wani has served as a corporate communications executive and in-house communications specialist for 10,000 team members at prestigious brands like Marina Bay Sands, operated by Las Vegas Sands. These roles have deepened her understanding of the importance of team building and fostering a strong corporate culture.

As an Account Director at award-winning PR agencies, she counseled senior leadership on brand strategy and amplification for both B2B and consumer media, sharpening her skills in delivering impactful messaging. Her portfolio includes media training and issue management across technology, ESG, corporate, consumer dining, and luxury brands, allowing her to navigate challenges and identify key communication channels effectively.

She leverages her extensive experience to drive successful team-building exercises, ensuring clear, consistent, and engaging communication that aligns with organizational goals and enhances team cohesion.









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